City Foundry STL will Now boast a futuristic virtual reality experience, featuring real-time motion capture technology, the latest generation of VR headsets, and 4 holodecks, each hosting up to six guests with plans to open in winter 2022

We’re excited to announce our latest seasonal installation: “Garland and Graffiti,” a display of six 7-foot crafted trees that are all painted by local street artists and set up for guests to view on Foundry Way. In addition, each of the trees are affiliated with a local charitable organization via a QR code on the tree to encourage the public to make a donation to their favorite organization.

Charitable partners include: United 4 Children, St. Patrick’s Center, St. Louis Diaper Bank, Perennial, The Women’s Safe House, and Our Lady of Perpetual Help Food Pantry.

“Community remains at the heart of City Foundry STL and we hope this holiday art experience encourages people to come together to appreciate our local talent, while considering a gift to local charities in need this giving season,” says Will Smith of New + Found. “We want to acknowledge the wonderful work that these organizations are doing in our region and we’re thankful to have talented artists to help us showcase them in a fun way this holiday season.”

The design and build of the six trees was sponsored by Integrate Construction Partners, a St. Louis based construction company that has worked on key projects at City Foundry including the build of Alamo Drafthouse, Sandbox VR, and the kitchens within The Food Hall.

Garland and Graffiti will be on display along Foundry Way from today, December 9, through January 14, 2023. Each of the six trees have been painted by local artists after a call for art from City Foundry retailer, Vacancy Gallery. Owner of Vacancy Gallery and Sanctioned Sneaker Collective, Gerad Ewing, helped to curate the selection of street artists to guide the vision for the holiday install. Participating artists include: Maria Knecht (chalk and pastels; see bio here), Ariane O'Day (acrylic paint; see bio here), Justin Tolention (a mix of mediums, including spray paint; see bio here), Joey Wollgast (acrylic paint; see bio here), Jonny Xacto (spray and latex paint; see bio here), and Peat Wollaeger (spray paint and stencils; see bio here).

To donate, visitors scan the QR code on display at the tree(s) and the code takes you to the donation page for an easy and quick holiday give back. Donations can be made to the organization(s) of choice with proceeds going directly to the non-profits represented. An overview of each non-profit partner featured at City Foundry STL’s Graffiti & Garland display:

  • United 4 Children: Provides children with nutritious meals, safe places to learn (childcare services) and play (after-school programs), emotional and social support, and services specialized for children with disabilities and/or challenging behaviors. (See QR code here)
  • St. Patrick’s Center: Helps to provide meals, housing (short and long term), employment opportunities, and healthcare to unhoused individuals and families. (See QR code here)
  • St. Louis Diaper Bank: Provides hygiene products such as diapers and menstrual resources to families, groups, and individuals in fiscal need. (See QR code here)
  • Perennial STL: Teaches classes where people can learn how to creatively reuse and reconstruct resources to better salvage communities from dumping in landfills. (See QR code here)
  • The Women’s Safe House: Helps to empower women and families to rebuild their lives free from domestic abuse and/or sexual violence. It provides advocacy for survivors, educational awareness to avoid emergency case scenarios, and emergency services to those in need. (See QR code here)
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help Food Pantry: Services communities to provide meals, utility assistance, and support with programs such as substance abuse help. (See QR code here)