Turmeric comes from owner Naveen, who brought on chef consultant Alagesan "Alex" Panneerselvam to develop the menu. Panneerselvam, who hails from the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The menu draws from traditions from all over India with dishes such as dosas (thin, crispy south Indian rice crêpes) alongside artfully presented small plates and entrees. Highlights from the menu include Bombay sliders with spiced potato patty fritters, soft pav bread, tamarind chutney and cilantro chutney. Turmeric will also have vegan and gluten-free options.

Check us out at: TumericSTL.com


Looking to give Indian food a try for the first time? Turmeric Street Style is the perfect intro, offering Indian street food with American adaptations. Owner Naveen Kumar designed the menu knowing that Foundry visitors would need quick bites that were also approachable for people new to Indian food! The fast and flavorful style of Indian street food is just the hook.⁠⁠In opening Turmeric, Kumar loved that he’d get to share food from so many different regions of India at the Foundry. With an American twist, you can try Kathi Rolls from Calcutta or Dosa Rolls from southern India- all in the same spot.⁠⁠The main difference between Turmeric’s food and what you might try in India? More protein.👌 ⁠⁠“[The dishes are] Americanized, but not 100%,” he says. “Typically back in India we didn’t offer this much protein, but here what we tried is a little more protein in the dish.”⁠⁠Even with some American additions, the menu is still deeply inspired by Kumar’s own experience trying and serving authentic Indian cuisine. “We are food explorers,” he shared. “We are not from the food industry [originally] but have a passion about the food and like to try anything new. We’ve been exploring food related [endeavors] for the last 5-6 years, and we like to have people experience that new set of flavors.” Turmeric Street Style is one of three Indian and Asian-inspired restaurants that Kumar owns in St. Louis, including Tumeric STL in the loop and Basil India STL off of South Grand.⁠⁠Looking for a go-to dish? Try the Andhra Chili Chicken pictured above with South Indian famous spicy chicken, roman lettuce, shallots, and cilantro. 🔥⁠⁠Or go for the owner’s favorite and try the crepe-like Dosa roll with rice, Bengal gram lentils, and their peppery fresh Chetti and Chicken! 🙌⁠⁠⏰ Stop by and see Kumar's team (pictured above) bring these dishes to life any Sunday and Monday from 11am-7pm, Wednesday and Thursday from 11am-8pm, and Friday and Saturday from 11am-9pm!⁠

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