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We promise you haven’t had creole like this, STL. 👌We’re talking fried chicken dawlins, pan-seared shrimp, shrimp and grits with 4 Hens’ signature seasoning, the classic po’boy, fried green tomatoes, and so much more! (They even have a kids menu and vegan options!)⁠

Everything at 4 Hens is made from scratch just like it would be at home- from their delicious remoulade sauces to their seasonings and even their Little Chicks Lemonade!⁠

“I pour my emotions out on the plate every time I cook,” said Chef Brandi Artis. “I [want people to] walk out of here feeling like you just visited your neighbor’s, aunt’s, or grandma’s house and she made you that meal that just kind of comforted the soul a little bit, just made you had that little reminiscence and magical feeling of ‘ooh that just took me somewhere.’”⁠

Their creative concept and offerings are an effort of their amazing ownership team- with Chef Brandi, her wife Brittany Artis, Ebony Evans, and business manager Brittani Gardner-Evans. The two couples got the idea one night after hanging out in Chicago. Chef Brandi had already run a very successful pop-up restaurant concept in Chicago, and the friends had already been interested in doing more in restaurants. With several of them having lived in St. Louis and having family here, STL was the perfect fit.⁠

They knew the Foundry would be the perfect spot for starting something new, and they loved the community that came with it:⁠

“We really bought into the goal of the Foundry- into the diversity and everyone having their own unique flavors. We’re so collaborative- we have a kids meal that has Poptimism soft serve. We love that.”⁠

Looking for the perfect lunch or dinner? Try some owner favorites- like the Shrimp n’ Grits with smoked gouda cheese grit topped with creole cream sauce and sauteed shrimp. 👌 Or Chef Brandi’s favorite- the Swamp Thang succotash soup topped with crawfish tails and pan-sheared shrimp, and she suggests always adding a bit of andouille sausage too!⁠

Stop by their profile to get a preview, and visit them in the Food Hall Monday 11am-7pm, Wednesday through Saturday 11am-7pm, or Sunday 10am-6pm!

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